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How to use your RollaReleasa®

Step 1

Always switch off and unplug your vacuum cleaner from the power supply before using RollaReleasa®


Step 2

Detach your vacuum head if possible and place on your lap or a solid surface and angle it so you can easily see the roller and brushes.

If you cant remove the head then try supporting the vacuum upside down on a table.

Always work on a stable surface for safety. 


Step 3

Hold the RollaReleasa® between your thumb and forefinger and use the point on the RollaReleasa® to hook and remove debris caught at each end of the roller.

Use the teeth on the RollaReleasa® to draw out the hair from the brushes and pull back on it to rotate the roller as you do this so you don't have to use your fingers.



Step 4

All done! Ensure your RollaReleasa® is clear of the vacuum head before starting your vacuum again!