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About Us

About Us

RollaReleasa® is designed to help make some of the every day chores a little easier. The things that for some reason have never worked or have always been a problem.

The Problem

Whether you have a Dyson, Shark, Hoover…… and it has a roller and a brush you will have to remove hair (human, pet or synthetic), cotton, string, fluff and a whole host of other debris.

Millions and millions of pounds have been spent by vacuum cleaner manufacturers to combat this issue unfortunately the laws of physics stand firmly in their way.

The design of a vacuum cleaner is that the rotating brush moves through the carpet loosening the dirt and debris that is sucked up by the vacuum. Unfortunately longer fibres like hairs, cotton or string quickly get tangled around the roller and/ or brushes. 

Anything metallic – scissors, knives, screwdrivers, will damage the roller and brushes. Fingers are just gross as there will be dust mites, bacteria and all sorts of yucky things living in there.